ProNebu™ Mesh Portable Nebulizer

The best portable nebulizer available!

  • Smallest & most portable unit available
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Standard dosing capacity 
  • Special cup design to reduce waste
  • Excellent reliability
  • Uses convenient Micro USB cord

Just $69.99

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#1 Ranked Nebulizer - ProNebu™

Our Customers Love the ProNebu™ Mesh

The ProNebu™ NMesh is the best portable handheld nebulizer on the market. 

Our customers and the experts agree!

I am so happy I bought the Pronebu for my 4-year-old, he is much better with this than his old nebulizer.


I love the Pronebu! The best part is not having to deal with a bunch of tubing and parts everywhere. It’s just the device and that’s it.


Easy to use and easy to carry around with me in my purse! Simply press the power button and you’re good to go!


Why Should You Choose ProNebu™?

 ProNebu Mesh portable nebulizer is ultra quiet and highly portable as well as suitable for all ages!


Take ProNebu™ handheld portable nebulizer with you everywhere


Experience the best, noise-free, and most convenient treatment available

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All Ages

ProNebu™ portable nebulizer is suitable for both adults and old alike

Portable Design

ProNebu is small enough to fit in a purse or even a pocket! It doesn’t require tubing or an air source to work. It works with 2 AA batteries or using the included Micro USB chord.

Suitable for All Ages

Pronebu includes masks to fit both adults and children so people of all ages can get the relief they need.

Easy To Use

Step 1

Open the liquid cup on the top of ProNebu and pour in your unit dose of prescribed medication or saline.

Step 2

Either install the mask (with adaptor) or mouthpiece on the ProNebu as per your convenience

Step 3

Press the “power” button to turn on ProNebu.

Step 4

Keeping a tight seal, breathe in the atomized mist until completion.

Step 5

When finished, press the "power" button again to switch off ProNebu or wait for it to automatically power off

Step 6

Gently shake any excess moisture out and leave the ProNebu nebulizer open to air dry on a paper towel.