Top 3 Best Portable Nebulizers in 2021

When it comes to respiratory illness, having a portable nebulizer can be a lifesaver. It can offer you ease no matter where you are as you can easily travel with it. The portable nebulizer is the best investment you can make in your health and lifestyle. 

So, if you are looking for the top portable nebulizer for your kids, family, or yourself, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide to the best portable nebulizers in 2021. 

Top 3 Best Portable Nebulizers In 2021




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ProNebu Nebulizer


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GoNebulizer Mesh Nebulizer


Go! Nebulizer Mesh Portable Nebulizer

Two working modes

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Automatic cleaning

GoNebulizer Handheld Nebulizer with LED Indication Light

Nebuley Portable Nebulizer

For adults and kids

Automatic clean

Low noise

1. ProNebu Nebulizer – Best Overall

If you are looking for the most affordable portable nebulizer, you are in the right place. The ProNebu Nebulizer is the most economical choice as it does not cost much at all. Besides that, the nebulizer offers no residue, it is quiet, and easy to use. 

The efficient atomization will ensure that all the particles and delivered to your lungs with maximum efficiency. Because of this, you will find instant relief. The nebulizer comes with a children's mask, an adult mask, and a mouthpiece. 

It is suitable for seniors and children. You can use it for a cold, cough, asthma, or bronchitis. It will be the best travel solution for your needs. Here are some pros and cons of this nebulizer.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Almost no noise
  • Efficient atomization
  • Easy to use


  • It does not have an automatic cleaning function

2. Go! Nebulizer Mesh Portable Nebulizer - Runner-Up

GoNebulizer Mesh Nebulizer

The Go! Nebulizer Mesh Portable Nebulizer is one of the best mesh portable nebulizers out there. The nebulizer offers excellent atomization ability you will not find anywhere else. That is because the atomized particles are less than 5 microns, making them ideal for any respiratory illness you might face. 

There are two working modes on this nebulizer: mild and strong mode. Of course, the mild mode is suitable for kids as it delivers a mild mist. On the other hand, the strong mode is ideal for adults as the mist will be strong enough to solve your breathing issues. 

The running noise is less than forty decibels, making it virtually noiseless. You can use the nebulizer by taking it anywhere with you. Here are some pros and cons of the Go! Nebulizer Mesh Portable Nebulizer.


  • Two working modes for children and adults
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Virtually noiseless
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use


  • It might not be ideal for upper respiratory tract illnesses

3. Nebuley Portable Nebulizer

GoNebulizer Handheld Nebulizer with LED Indication Light

If you are looking for one of the best portable nebulizers in mesh, you should not look further than the Nebuley Portable Nebulizer. It offers relief to adults and kids alike for the best results. The nebulizer will change and deliver the liquid in no time to help you find relief soon.

The mist the nebulizer will deliver can range anywhere between four and eight liters in a minute, making it incredibly efficient. It cleans automatically, but you still have to add some warm water and long-press the switch for three seconds so it can self-clean. You can also let it be and clean as the nebulizer will switch off after twenty minutes automatically. 

The noise level is also low, which is perfect for kids as they will not be anxious while using the nebulizer. It will reduce their anxiety and offer them relief in no time. Here are some pros and cons of this nebulizer.


  • Delivers mist quickly and efficiently
  • It gives out mist between four and eight liters in a minute
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Low noise
  • It comes in an electric and battery-operated version


  • Only ideal for people looking for a mesh nebulizer

Top Factors To Choose The Best Nebulizer 

When looking for a nebulizer, choosing the right one for your illness and needs is critical. To make an informed decision, it is best to take a few factors into account. Here are the top considerations to take before making a decision on which nebulizer to buy:

1. Medication Delivery System

The best portable nebulizers offer three types of medication delivery systems: mesh, ultrasonic, and atomizers. Atomizers deliver medication with the use of a compressor and are the most common kind. The compressor will send air directly into the attached medication, creating a fine mist. 

On the other hand, the vibrating mesh nebulizer is a screen with thousands of laser-drilled holes across the reservoir holding the medicine. The screen ensures the cool mist comes in adequately for inhalation. The mesh delivery is efficient and also prevents the waste of your medication. 

Finally, ultrasonic nebulizers use high-frequency vibrations to vaporize the liquid and offer it for inhalation. The models are compact, quiet, and deliver a fine mist. You can choose from any of these systems, depending on your preference. 

2. Noise Level 

Yes, the noise level is also an important factor to consider because you might have other people living in the house with you. If you use the nebulizer at night and it is noisy, you can wake your kids or other people up. Besides that, if you are buying a nebulizer for your kid, you need one with a low noise level. 

That is because loud nebulizers can intimidate the kids and cause fear of taking medicine. That is why to ensure their comfort and yours, you should always consider the noise level. The nebulizer you choose should be virtually noiseless. 

3. Portable Or Tabletop Design 

Knowing when you will be using the nebulizer is an important consideration to make. That is because it will determine the kind of design you need for your use. For example, if you are someone who travels a lot or you commute long hours every day, it is better to opt for a portable nebulizer. 

If you have severe asthma, it is always better to have a portable nebulizer with you for emergencies. On the other hand, if your illness is not that severe and you only need a nebulizer for home use, you can opt for the tabletop design. It will allow you to easily use the nebulizer at home without any hassle. 

However, even the tabletop design should be lightweight so you can carry it if you are going somewhere else for the day. Otherwise, a portable nebulizer is always a handy solution to have with you. 

4. Speed Of Delivering Medicine

You need to understand how long it will take for the medicine to be delivered to your lungs. That is because if you have an emergency situation, such as an asthma attack, you will want your nebulizer to be efficient and speedy. The capacity of any nebulizer to deliver medication can vary anywhere between four and eight liters per minute. 

You can also check the description of the nebulizer you are purchasing to see the airflow rates. However, one handy tip is to frequently clean the nebulizer filter. Doing this will enhance the speed in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is a portable nebulizer a good choice? 

Yes, a portable nebulizer is an excellent choice if you have a busy life and you are not at home. It will give you the freedom to take your medication anywhere you require without any issues. 

2. How often should you use a nebulizer? 

Each illness and individual is unique, which is why it is always best to follow the doctors' orders. Follow your prescription and don't take medicine more times than what is required. 

3. Does nebulizer help with mucus? 

Yes, it loosens the mucus to clean out your airways and help you breathe better. That is why you should inhale the medicine efficiently to let the nebulizer do its work. 

Final Words 

That was your complete guide to the best portable nebulizers in 2021. All of these nebulizers are excellent and will offer you use for a long time to come. So, choose the best one for yourself or your family and witness the excellent results in no time. 

Our top choice is the ProNebu Portable Nebulizer because it is the most affordable one on the market, and it has the best features that are worth more than the price. So, if you are on a budget and you need the best nebulizer solution, you should not look further than the ProNebu Portable Nebulizer.